I had some issue initially joining computer to the domain . I did clone a few machines in order to save me some time of install new instance of servers . However I realize that when  a server is being clone  it carries along it SID Id and Mac address and this was posing a problem as computer was unable to join the network. I eventually installing 5 new servers and I was able to join the servers to the domain .

Currently, I have created the domain and add the servers to the domain and it is pinging . I was looking for an Cisco IOS image for a layer 3 switch but I was unsuccessful .I am just using a router for now . I not sure if virtual switch will allow stacking of now probably I will have to configure a router on a stick . I  still have to install the exchange and proxy server, the file and print servers are already configured using roles. I am still conducting testing currently , other user are able to log on to other machines. I am still awaiting feed back from my supervisor to proceed. In the mean while I will be working on the business plan . I have to tweak the questionnaire and distributed it to gather the data.