After I submitted my first draft of my thesis which encompasses the literature review, an outline of the network, physical and logical view of the network and what role the servers will be playing in this project. I decided to work on selecting a hyper-visor .I had already installed hyper V which is a Microsoft solution on my machine but then after conducting some research the hyper V is not compatible with GNS3. I then decide that I will use either VMware or Virtual box which is compatible .Despite having hyper-V installed and I decided to install VMware which then give some issue to run . I eventually figured out the problem and disable hyper-V .However after reinstalling the Virtual box I was successful, I did not get it to work because of the format of the hard disk . When I use the media that has the server 2012 on it was giving errors to either upgrade or custom install apparently the machine was not see the virtual box as a virtualized solution. Up to this date I have not been able to configure any virtual servers or and virtual routers.
Thus far in the write up I have added a page and half to the existing literature review and the benefits and challenges of network function visualization.