We discuss the environment in which I work, so he can have a fair understanding of the infrastructure and how we can simulate. The next step we talk about security issue such as hacking and penetration. I had created a high level diagram so my supervisor can see how the network will be like. I needed to make some changes to the diagram and currently I am working on those changes. For instance he asked about raid or ldap security and a DMZ . I have not define those aspect as yet but I am in the process of implementing it in the diagram. He also asked if it would be a hybrid network consisting of wired and wireless, my response was yes it will be considered. I am still working on which virtual routers will be appropriate to use for the network, with research I will make a decision . I already decided that I will use 2012 server R2 for the server system and exchange 2013 for the e-mail. I already know which firewall I will be using and how I will segment the network .