Update on the prototype

I had some issue initially joining computer to the domain . I did clone a few machines in order to save me some time of install new instance of servers . However I realize that when  a server is being clone  it carries along it SID Id and Mac address and this was posing a problem as computer was unable to join the network. I eventually installing 5 new servers and I was able to join the servers to the domain .

Currently, I have created the domain and add the servers to the domain and it is pinging . I was looking for an Cisco IOS image for a layer 3 switch but I was unsuccessful .I am just using a router for now . I not sure if virtual switch will allow stacking of now probably I will have to configure a router on a stick . I  still have to install the exchange and proxy server, the file and print servers are already configured using roles. I am still conducting testing currently , other user are able to log on to other machines. I am still awaiting feed back from my supervisor to proceed. In the mean while I will be working on the business plan . I have to tweak the questionnaire and distributed it to gather the data.


Update on chapter 2 .

I have ask my supervisor to give me an update on the thesis. What is good, what need to change and what is not clear so I can try to fix those issues. Currently I am working on the prototype, I am having some difficulties linking the server to the switch . I have brought up the interfaces on two routers and make sure that they are pinging and has connectivity. In addition to that I seems to have problem joining other servers and clients to the Domain controller. In my work we have a proxy server and it apparently preventing the DC and other devices in the prototype to use the IP address that I assign to it .Sometimes I am  getting an error that virtual box not installed, and in fact it is installed.  So I am trying to work around that . I will keep you posted on far I have reach in the next two weeks.

Researching 3 hypervisor and other virtualized solution

I began identifying three existing virtualized solution, they are VMware, Microsoft HyperV and Oracle Virtual box . I am trying to identify which one is compatible with GNS 3 . However I am also looking for some shortfall in those solution for example, Hyper V does not allow an external switch to be used. Hyper V has 3 types of switches internal,private,external, but none of theses switch allows custom programming . I have added 2 other virtual servers to my existing solution, however after I promote the Domain Controller I run in some problem where I cannot add the two other servers to the domain .I am still learning about server because I am not verse in server 2012.More over , I also have some problem with the DNS services and DHCP services on the Domain Controller.

Installing the Virtual machines and hypervisor

After I submitted my first draft of my thesis which encompasses the literature review, an outline of the network, physical and logical view of the network and what role the servers will be playing in this project. I decided to work on selecting a hyper-visor .I had already installed hyper V which is a Microsoft solution on my machine but then after conducting some research the hyper V is not compatible with GNS3. I then decide that I will use either VMware or Virtual box which is compatible .Despite having hyper-V installed and I decided to install VMware which then give some issue to run . I eventually figured out the problem and disable hyper-V .However after reinstalling the Virtual box I was successful, I did not get it to work because of the format of the hard disk . When I use the media that has the server 2012 on it was giving errors to either upgrade or custom install apparently the machine was not see the virtual box as a virtualized solution. Up to this date I have not been able to configure any virtual servers or and virtual routers.
Thus far in the write up I have added a page and half to the existing literature review and the benefits and challenges of network function visualization.

Collection of the Software to Simulate

We met and discuss the project a bit further. I collect the software called GNS3 and also I show him a draft of my Literature review. In addition, I needed to change some of my questions in my questionnaire to make sure that I collect the correct information. After I collected the software, I installed it the next day.However it install without any glitches but when i try to launch a new virtual router the bin file for the router was invalid. Learning this software was a huge learning curve because I was not aware of this solution . After encountering those error I decide to update the software and I was is the same predicament.

The week after I talk to my supervisor and he suggested that I uninstall the software and install the older version because the file for the virtual routers was compatible with the earlier version.

Discussion about the network

We discuss the environment in which I work, so he can have a fair understanding of the infrastructure and how we can simulate. The next step we talk about security issue such as hacking and penetration. I had created a high level diagram so my supervisor can see how the network will be like. I needed to make some changes to the diagram and currently I am working on those changes. For instance he asked about raid or ldap security and a DMZ . I have not define those aspect as yet but I am in the process of implementing it in the diagram. He also asked if it would be a hybrid network consisting of wired and wireless, my response was yes it will be considered. I am still working on which virtual routers will be appropriate to use for the network, with research I will make a decision . I already decided that I will use 2012 server R2 for the server system and exchange 2013 for the e-mail. I already know which firewall I will be using and how I will segment the network .

Resubmitt Proposal

I have made some changes to the proposal and resubmitted to my supervisor for him to look at it . Depends on his comment I will know what is the next step to be taken. I am still reading journals along with other media to enlighten me about network function virtualisation . However I am having some difficulties finding papers locally and regionally within this domain . I was still a bit unsure of what my project will entails, I met with Mr. Andrews and discuss the project and now I am fully aware of what I need to do to accomplish this project.


I have done a fair amount of reading when creating this thesis proposal . However on the 29th I email my supervisor for his feedback. He did respond and notify me that I need to made changes to the document . Currently I am in the process of making changes and to resubmit for his approval on moving on to the next phase of this proposal.I am continuously reading to identify any new discovery or shortfall with virtualization . It has a lot of benefits associated with network function virtualization such as cost and economies of scales just to name a few.From this I see any any gaps I may need to make mention in my project.I am seeing this project as a very challenging project.